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Hyperlink to Best Practices Guide for HVFA Concrete

NIST Technical Note 1812: Best Practices Guide for High-Volume Fly Ash Concretes: Assuring Properties and Performance

Hyperlink to Information on the NIST
Computer Modeling Workshop

2013 NIST Computer Modeling Workshop

Hyperlink to Information on the VCCTL Consortium

Information on the VCCTL Consortium (formed Jan. 2001)

Hyperlink to Publicity for the VCCTL

Publicity in External Media

Hyperlink to Newsletters for the VCCTL

VCCTL Newsletters

Hyperlink to VCCTL paper

Prediction of Cement Physical Properties by Virtual Testing

Hyperlink to CIKS/HPC system

Link to the CIKS/HPC system

Hyperlink to COST system

Link to the Concrete Optimization Software Tool

Hyperlink to Internal Curing Web Site

Link to the Internal Curing Web Site

Hyperlink to The Visible Cement Data server

Link to the Visible Cement Data Set

Hyperlink to Hypercon program

Link to the Hypercon homepage

Hyperlink to Electronic Monograph

Link to Electronic Monograph

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