Mixture Proportioning for Internal Curing with Lightweight Aggregates

In the following table, please enter the particle size distribution of the aggregates in the original (normal weight) concrete mixture and the fraction (volume/number) of aggregates that are going to be replaced by lightweight aggregates. When the simulation is finished, you can view the water distribution in your model concrete, along with a table indicating the `protected' paste volume as a function of distance from the LWA surfaces. If you provide your e-mail address, you will be notified when your simulation is complete and your results are ready for viewing. Computer codes are also available for exploring internal curing with ellipsoidal-shaped particles (e.g., fibers, etc.) and quantifying the three-dimensional spatial characteristics of such microstructures. Contact Dale Bentz (dale.bentz@nist.gov) if you are interested in obtaining copies of these programs written in the C programming language.

Lower Sieve Size (mm) Upper Sieve Size (mm) Mass Fraction of original normalweight aggregates Fractional number of LWA particles in all particles for this sieve
12.7 19.05
9.525 12.7
4.75 9.525
2.36 4.75
1.18 2.36
0.6 1.18
0.3 0.6
0.15 0.3


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