Menu for Internal Curing with Lightweight Aggregates

0)Internal Curing: A 2010 State-of-the-Art Review

1)Calculate Lightweight Aggregates Needed for Internal Curing

Access (to print) a nomograph for this in: SI units English units

2)Estimation of Travel Distance of Internal Curing Water

3)Simulate Mixture Proportions to View Water Availability Distribution

4)View Water Availability Distribution Simulation Results

5)Internal Curing and Reductions in Settlement and Plastic Shrinkage Cracking

6)Learn more about FLAIR: Fine Lightweight Aggregates as Internal Reservoirs for the autogenous distribution of chemical admixtures

7)View presentation on internal curing made at 2006 Mid-Atlantic Region Quality Assurance Workshop

Link to Workshop homepage

Updated version for 2008 Concrete Bridge Conference

2013 Webinar presentation for Transportation Research Board

8)View presentation on internal curing made at 2006 NIST/ACBM Computer Modeling Workshop

9)Internal Curing Bibliography

10)Direct Observation of Water Movement during Internal Curing Using X-ray Microtomography (pdf version)

Image of protected paste volume simulation

Image of simulation of protected paste volume in 3-D microstructure with pumice aggregates (in yellow).

Image of X-ray measurements of water movement during internal curing

X-ray images of water movement during internal curing. Red indicates drying and blue indicates wetting. Hydration time proceeds from left to right, top to bottom. Initial system consisted of a single LWA particle embedded in the center of a w/c=0.3 cement paste.

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