REACT: Reducing Early-Age Cracking Today

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Improving Concrete Bridge Decks with Internal Curing

Internal Curing: Constructing More Robust Concrete

Internal Curing: A 2010 State-of-the-Art Review

Study of Early-Age Bridge Deck Cracking in Nevada and Wyoming

Reducing Thermal Cracking

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ASTM documents

Technical basis for proposed revision to ASTM C311

ACI documents

Powerpoint Presentations

Early-Age Cracking: Causes, Measurements, and Mitigation

Version Espanol

Report prepared for Cementitious Barriers Partnership (Nov. 2009)

Early Age Cracking Review: Mechanisms, Material Properties, and Mitigation Strategies

Virtual Testing

Concrete Electrical Conductivity Test Convertor

Virtual Rapid Chloride Permeability Test (RCPT)

Virtual Concrete Dilatometer

Calculations for Internal Curing of Concrete

Evaluating Concrete Curing Conditions (Luke Snell)

Downloadable or Executable software (free- developed outside of NIST) for modeling early-age stresses and temperatures or proportioning high volume fly ash (HVFA) concretes



Mix Optimization Catalog for Proportioning Fly Ash as Cementitous Material in Airfield Pavement Concrete Mixtures

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